Amazing 3D Tech Earth created using Threejs 【Open source】

Threejs + Typescript Create 3D Earth

Live: earth
Code: Code


the cat was nice. the earth did never load though.

Looks beautiful.

Too many debug messages in the console.

One suggestion: the dots around the globe are not uniformly placed, they are concentrated near the poles, most likely you use sphere geometry for vertices. To have a better distribution, you can use icosahedron geometry with a large number of division (e.g. 10).

Joking apart in these times, I hope this isn’t the planned trajectory of future missiles :wink:

looks pretty

The loading time seems a bit too long compared to what I’m seeing in the end. Maybe slow CDN? Maybe assets are too large?

Anyway, congratulations and well done!

Cat does look very nice

Hahaha, the network is not good, you can go to github clone down, run yourself

Thank you, man. I’ll change whenever I can

I hope it’s the flying line of global trade :grinning:

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This is my cat, miki. It’s too slow because my server doesn’t have enough bandwidth

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Did you know, you could use the github feature called “github pages” to host this kind of sites directly off your github?

I know, but in China, it looks like github will be slower than my server

This is awesome! will take inspiration from this to create something new. :slight_smile:

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Hi there!!!

What a work you got here, I’ve used your source code on my project, and I’m thinking that you deserve a tag on my post, I’ve integrated it with laravel-mix do you have any linkedin account so that I can tag you on my post?

Looking forward for your answer here!

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I don’t have Linkedin yet, but you can add me to discord. I’d love to make more friends discord: GhostCat#4376

y r u not in 3js server :weary: