Making it easy to have 3D models in your site

Hey everyone,
I can’t wait to share our production link with you:

We are using three.js engine to render our scene/models. Amazing engine that made our work more enjoyable.

Feel free to try it out and let me know what you think. I am a sucker for feedback and comment (good or bad). We can handle it all (we think / hope …)



Front page looks very nice - I’m curious how (if) it will grow as a product. :chart_with_upwards_trend:
On one side - the models with nice env maps never fail to make a common viewer go “wow, looks nice!”, but then the editor seems far too techy for such a casual user. Wording like “texture”, “hsv”, “layers”, “env maps” is a developer / designer jargon, it’s black magic for most business-oriented folk.
On the other hand - it’s too simple to impress a tech person, since after all it seems just a model with basic three.js implementation.
My point of view of course, but feels like rn you fit exactly in the middle - having a product for non-tech people that requires a bit too much tech knowledge to use. :thinking:


Hi mjurczyk,

Thanks for the insight. It has definitely been a balancing act trying to find that common ground between a developer/designer and non-tech person. We could definitely take another pass at simplifying terminology. If there’s any other crits or comments you might have, we are ALL ears!

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Good job. .

it looks amazing to look at!

I coudn’t get the annotation to work, maybe just me, it says “Type your annotation text first after picking your 3D position” even when I select a position.

Good luck, well done.

Looks cool, found it quite intuitive. One thing I felt I was missing when making my cola bottle was some sort of environment, a table it stands on or something.

Thanks @sagir

Hey @tedlogo,
Thanks for pointing it out. We are planning to include an enhancement in the next release that will hopefully make it intuitive to use our annotation feature.
Thanks again @tedlogo

Hey @Peter_Devine,
You definitely have a valid point here. We will considering some options and hopefully will have something cool to show off in the future.

Thanks for spending time with VizFrame