one place to upload, share, comment and review 3D models

Hey all! We recently launched Modelsend - a web app that makes getting feedback on 3d models super easy. It’s free and doesn’t require a signup unless you’re sending multiple files.

Honestly tired of taking screenshots of 3d models to ask for feedback. Instead just upload your file and send a private link where people can view and comment directly on the models, all from their browser. Our goal is to provide a ton of value to modelers and their clients by making communication effortless.

Give it a try and let me know what you think at

Good. Do you already have active users?

Here are some things that might need clarifications:

  • The “Terms and conditions” says “These Terms shall be governed by the laws of the jurisdiction from which we operate, without respect to its conflict of laws principles.” … but there is no indication from where do you operate. Do you think this might be important?
  • The Basic plan is advertised to support “5 projects / 5 GB”, while the FAQ section says “1 project / 10 MB”. Which one is the correct one? (similar inconsistency exists with the Pro account)
  • OBJ files are supported, but their companion MTL files are not supported. Is this correct?

Thanks for pointing out those fixes. No MTL support currently because haven’t had a request yet to add it in but manually adding the texture maps works for OBJ.

Just released so still trying to increase our active users. Do you have any recommendations on how to reach 3d modelers that would be interested? Thanks @PavelBoytchev

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