😊 Open Source 3D Platformer : Edelweiss

@nautilus you could come back for it later when you have dash enabled :wink:

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Thank you for playing to the end ! You are always a very good public :grin:
To answer you point by point :

Is there a different ending if you have all of them?

Unfortunately no, my avatar thanks the player more eagerly, and that’s it… I had to cut a lot of things out to keep the project down to a reasonable time scale… I feel sorry for the players who would get the 9 stamina bars and be disappointed by this.

Graphics and music are simply astounding :heart_eyes: Beautiful! The top reminded me a lot of Journey . I wish there was more winds sound effects.

Thank you, I did the modelling myself, that’s why the main character animation is so clunky :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I was really lucky with the musics, I didn’t expect so good musicians to accept my featuring their tracks for free.

One thing that annoyed me were controls. Some jumps feel clunky, and unexpected. Interaction with some objects is weird, like why am I T-Pose-Sliding on rocks and people? :sweat_smile:

With that said, Im aware that making controls for a 3D platformer must be a nightmare. I applaud you for your courage :bowing_man:

It is indeed a nightmare, but very interesting (the worst is actually the camera). All the T-posing behaviour is happening when your character’s hitbox is on a physically blocking decoration. All these decorations have an axis-aligned hitbox, so that’s why there is unexpected interactions with tents, trees, and generally not-cube-like objects. I guess if I had used a physics engine like Cannon.js I could have make things more realistic. The T-posing though, as @Fyrestar pointed out, is also a feedback to know that you’re not supposed to do this to progress in the game, you won’t regain your stamina when wandering on decorations.

As for difficulty, the game is… harder than expected! It was challenging in a lot of ways. Step-adding skills was awesome, just like most of the puzzles. Had to focus more on thinking, than exact key presses. Very fun!
An exception would be stages towards the end of the game. Once you have lots of stamina, you become a flying god with double-jump :superhero: I thought you could only jump twice (as hinted by name of the skill), so it was quite a surprise when I realized I could defeat lots of obstacles with just mad jumping through them. It turned from cute puzzles to forcing your way through.
Like with any game, with more powers, it clearly became harder to balance. My curiosity led me to test the game’s mechanics quite a lot :smiley:

Thank you for this feedback, actually I changed the double-jump for infinity-jump after another person told me that the end game is too hard… But you decided me to revert this, so now it’s double-jump only. It’s a bit more challenging. (As for your screenshots… yes… the camera… I don’t think I have the courage to put my hands into this again :grinning:)

Great experience overall, and congratulations on finishing your new game! I hope to see it on the Three.js main page :smiley:

Thank you ! I would be happy to see it on the front page, though in my opinion there is better projects still waiting for their place there :blush:


You’re right, this game is definitely missing some purpose. But I don’t know… everything I wrote felt so wrong and clunky… I don’t know what to do, I don’t feel comfortable writing stories.


Thanks for trying the game :slightly_smiling_face:
As @makc3d pointed out, you have to go back once you got the ability to dash. It’s a metroidvania of sorts.


Really cool! :smiley: Edit: I see someone already reported the T-pose floating.


Actually I thought the main character’s animation was pretty good! Didn’t notice or think there were clunky movements, even despite my T-pose remarks :sweat_smile:

(the worst is actually the camera)

I think this game could benefit from gamepad controls. It would be nice if you could control the camera. Some places were problematic and I think “fixed” view also restricted the map development.
In my screenshots, it wasnt that the camera was stuck, but rather I used multiple jumps to get “behind” the terrain model and discovered, that climbable walls can be climbed even on the back faces. So Im actually “inside” the terrain you could say :smiley:

The T-posing though, as @Fyrestar pointed out, is also a feedback to know that you’re not supposed to do this to progress in the game

I think it is actually a good feedback, that you’re sliding and that you cant jump off of the object. The issue is that you can still control your character and keep T-Pose float-sliding around like a goofball :joy_cat:

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I think it would be rather a problem if you couldn’t still control it :smiley_cat:


I guess we will have to agree to disagree :smirk_cat:

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I think we can agree it would be bad to get stuck not being able to control anymore though :joy_cat:

I see this is a matter of taste, i personally like it rather tham jumping against a invisible wall, but i wouldn’t call it a bug, just a design descision. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature. :smiley_cat:

I’ve only got a stuck camera for a moment at a complicated narrow position, but honestly i see far more bugs/glitches in comparable scale games from big companies.

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Lovely game, great work. I’ve only made it to the second gnome so far but someday I’ll reach the top :person_climbing:

Yeah, this was the standout issue for me as well. Maybe you could add a crouch/sliding pose for this?

The main thing I find difficult is the camera. It’s hard to see where I’m supposed to go sometimes, especially when I want to backtrack for a hidden power-up. I get that you don’t want to add a completely free camera, but perhaps you could add an option to swing it by 30 degrees left/right?


ever heard of fog of war?

@looeee is refering to the camera direction.

I actually kinda had this issue too, i’ve spotted something at the waterfall i couldn’t reach, but archived gliding ability just a little further, but going back this route “blind” was only possible by kamikaze gliding back :smiley_cat:


@Ness Thank you :blush:

@looeee Thanks for trying my game !

Yes the “fixed” camera was a decision I took because I wanted to give the game a puzzle game feel. Turns out that it was a headache for the controls and level design. Although there was a benefit with the level design : as the camera is never supposed to look back (you see a little bit back if you walk backward against a wall, but not a lot), I didn’t have to model a whole mountain, it saved me a lot of time. I will add a slight camera control with gamepad though, but limited.

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Awesome game, loved it!


Yo @felixmariotto check out what Ive been cooking here over this weekend:

thats right, we now have Edelweiss multiplayer :wink: google says it can do up to 100 connections on free plan, but it is quite shaky and most likely will fail long before it reaches that number. But you could backport this to work with your socket .io server if you wanned to, and make it official, Idk.


@makc3d Wow that’s impressive !

Thanks a lot for this, I’ve been able to play with my girlfriend who supported me during the development of the game, it was really a great time. She thanks you too :blush:

I’ve added a link to your mod and its repo in the readme, and also updated the original post of this thread to include your mod.

Many thanks


Likewise, thank you for taking your time to make this. If your girfriend ever lets you spend more time on this, and you decide to port it back - ping me.

In fact I just sent you a PR here so now you dont have to ping me, @felixmariotto :smiley: just take a look when ever at your convenience.


@makc3d very nice! :clap::clap::clap:

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@mrdoob @felixmariotto just spent like an hour playing it with the kid, he wants more levels. I told him there is an editor. if he will be able to make a level, I probably will have to add multiple levels support in. Jesus, what did I get myself into here :face_with_head_bandage:


I am really up to merge your multiplayer mod !

I just don’t know how it will fair with itch.io. Because basically the thing you hand to itch.io is only the client-side of your app, and they do a static server to serve this (I just zip what’s inside the public folder and it works). That’s why in the SocketIO module I initialise the WS connection with an absolute path, so that itch.io players can connect to my heroku VM. Anyway from what I can see you used the same connection so it should work. I will merge it, just give me a few days… I’m in the middle of a relocation, must find a new job… difficult times.

About the map editor, it’s really not user-friendly so you will have to explain your kid how to use it :sweat_smile:
If you want to test new maps locally, there is these helpers inside Atlas.js :

const NEEDPLAYERBOX = false ; // specifically allow player box helper
const NEEDARROW = false; // arrows showing player direction
const NEEDTILES = false; // add the tiles helpers
const NEEDCUBES = false ; // show helpers for limit planes
const NEED_WATER_HELPER = false;

You can set some of those to true so physic assets will show up like in the editor (tiles, boxes, etc…). You can also comment out if ( mapManager ) mapManager.update( loopCount % 10 == 0 ); in Loop.js so that my 3D assets won’t load, only the physic assets helpers. To load maps from your system, set DEVELOPMENT_LAYOUT to true inside GameState.js, a file loader will appear on the home screen instead of the start button and all.