Platformer game with three.js (new update)

This is just a development progress of my platformer game which i have been making during one of my less busy days. Game coming soon…


Netflix, youtube, babylon.js - I use those for research as well :slight_smile:

I like the aesthetic. I suggest adding a point light to the character, with a fairly large radius, it will give the world a bit more grounding. You could give it a very strong color even, to push the aesthetic in a certain direction.

I also suggest boosting the gravity a fair bit, it feels supper slow right now. Other than that - maybe think about about camera movement, it’s a big deal for the game feel.

Great job regardless!



Whoa! I thought i was missing something!
Really appreciate your feedback. I will put this in the next patch.



looks lovely! :heart:

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Looking really good!

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Hy guys, just wanna post a second update on my platform game, tested and recorded on huawei medipad t5, 60fps


Great work, keep it up.

I suggest you add some kind of curve smoothing to trail. Or add a physics engine and let the character have a bit of inertia so that the trail looks smooth.

Also, add a bit more particles to the trail (segments) to make it look smoother.