Portfolio website built using react-three-fiber, blender

Finally done with my portfolio built using three.js, blender
You can check it out here link

You need to focus on performance and loading.
It gets stuck on 100% for a while. And then navigating feels low frame rate and clunky. The 3d is fine, but I am guessing your textures are large and theres a lot that loaded without me checking the dev tools

Thanks for the input
Will definitely work on improving the website

Loaded quick and worked well for me on my basic laptop, maybe a bit of stuttering on the loading screen but nothing that would deter me personally, though optimization is always good. I like the projects page, it was instinctive for me to click on the cards to get to the link instead of the separate 2D button, but works fine. Consider maybe adding swipe controls for the projects?

Nice job :grinning:

I’m glad you liked it!!
Will sure think about adding link on click to the card and swipe controls feature in the future
Thanks for the positive review!!

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There’s also an easter egg for the anime lovers in the website.
Try to find it haha!!