My first game in three.js :)



Hi all. This is my first game in three.js
It is necessary to hold the green cube to the exit and not get under the red cubes.

Escape 3D



Simple, but catchy :+1:


Maybe it’s a good idea to add a short description to your initial post. This will let potential players know what your game is about.


Nice game man :smiley:

I remember when I made my first game with three.js. It was really wonky. Still kinda works.

Good luck and godspeed with your future adventures in WebGL, my friend!


catchy, couldnt pass 6


@pailhead The same :smile: :beers:


You need tuch yellow ball and you movement will be faster


I thought there should be a cheat code.
Unfortunately, IDDQD doesn’t work :smile:


I like it. Good job. But why is it soo hard for my notebook? I think you need to optimize your game.


Very cool game! Really liked it. I noticed that the red cubes sometimes move a bit faster and sometimes a bit slower. This sort of irregular movement happens to me to, when I am programming with Three.js. Haven’t yet figured what might be causing it. I even tried taking into account the elapsed time to know how much to move a object, still no avail. The movement is never completely uniform.


Cool, I like.


Good game, lots of fun!