I’m making one game per month, here’s game #2

Hi there!

In order to learn the three.js library, I’m challenging myself to make one game per month. And here’s game #2: thomasfriday.com/cuboid/.


Let me know if you have any feedback or questions. Thanks!



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This game is actually kinda hard…nice job…the mobile version of the game needs some help though…
Every time I click on the button,
It gets highlighted and messes me up…make pointer events for those icons to none

Pointer-events: none

Yay, 272 moves only:

I found two issues:

  • the left side of the player box is truncated (see attached image)
  • 12 levels are too few, I was hoping for at least 50 (the game is so addictive)

It’s fun, enraging and addictive

179 moves.

Do you plan to find the minimal number of moves?


minimal number is about ~170?
I made about 10 mistakes or so.

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I think it would be cool if you could make a program that generated these by itself. Its just like creating terrain in three js. You put in specifictions of what it can and cannot do, and hypothetically it does all the math, and the levels become infinite.

PS: just realized how impossible that would be. Lol

:+1: :rofl:

i played level 1 12 times

loadLevel() {
    const level = levels[0];

get(x, z) {
    const level = levels[0];

@thomasfriday really neat game, it’s addictive :sweat_smile:


I agree @Lawrence3DPK

it’s bloxorz! ah no, it’s different

Very cool! :smiley: