Used three.js for Winnipeg Game Jam 2019 (PegJam2019)!

I attended this year’s Winnipeg Game Jam in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada this past weekend. I had just started learning three.js on October 24th but decided to try my hand at creating a game in two days with it.

The theme of the jam was “Parallel Worlds”. I decided to keep it simple and used three.js to create two planets parallel to each other with an asteroid field between them. Each planet launches and controls rockets to try and destroy the other. I called it “Worlds in Perillel”.

I ran it on top of a node.js server running so I was able to make it multiplayer. I was the only person to create a functional online multiplayer game at the Jam.

I’m hosting the game on one of my servers so please feel free to check it out (you’ll probably want to invite a friend to check it out at the same time so you can play against each other). I’ve since tried to add a few more features and clean up some of the bugs. It was a two-day effort so it’s not as polished as real game would be but it was a LOT of fun to create!

Play Worlds in Perillel


I also wrote up a blog about my game jam experience along with how I got into three.js. If you like long reads feel free to check it out here

Let me know what you think about it!

Have a great week,



Pretty cute and fun game :smiley:
Even more impressive, considering it was done in 2 days!

Congratulations on the win! :partying_face:

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Thanks! It was really fun to make!