Online game with vehicles


I wanted to make as an old game Dune2 with giant worms. Maybe I’ll finish it. ))


I couldn’t count how many times I played Dune 2000 :smile:

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Dune2 it was the first strategy in history. )) Will forever remain in the heart.

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Omg it is so cool to be able to do things like that.
The game looks really cool !
How long did it take you to do it?

Thank you.) 1,5 months in the evenings. I.m not programmist. It’s hobby.

Pretty cool man !
For how long have you been learning or doing things with WebGL/three.js?
Im looking forward to learn some in my free time :stuck_out_tongue:

To do something simple, you do not need to study. ) Any example with
And more complicated 📕 Three.js Bookshelf. It’s very good selection - look at everything, and then read what seems to be necessary for a particular task