Strategy MMO with ThreeJS??

We’ve created a strategy multiplayer browser game with the power of ThreeJS! We just started a fully functional and absolutely free beta. If you got curious, take a look:

The performance was one of our biggest concerns. One of the biggest things we learned regarding performance is to make use of InstanceMesh whenever possible.
For the mobile version, we completely left out real lighting and shadows and worked with Matcaps instead, to further optimize performance.

For the controls, we used OrbitControls and adjusted them a little for our needs.


I’d be happy to hear your opinion on it :slight_smile:



It looks very good !

I don’t understand what is the goal of the game though, I assume reaching the centre ? The best way of explaining game rules is by stating the goal first.

Also having to wait 1 minutes as a gameplay mechanic in the first 5 minutes of the game is maybe too early. A game in which I’ve enjoyed actual wait mechanic is Ogame, but the first moves you could make were generally in the seconds range, and by the time you reached long wait you already had a good understanding of why you’re doing that, and the motivation to wait.

Appart from this, it’s a really great work ! It runs very smoothly on my device, you models and the atmosphere of the game look good. The smooth steps to get the player to choose a password is really well done (please don’t ask for an email !).

I can’t wait to see how it will look like at the end of the development !

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Thanks for taking a look into it and for the great feedback.
Getting more players to understand the game and not quite before that is something we need to work on.
Explaining the game goal (which is actually to reach the center) and shortening travel time at the beginning is certainly a good approach.