Endless League - 3D Space combat game

Hi everybody,

Working on a serious indie game project with three.js library and i just released the first version this week. Wanted to share with you.

Here’s the link

So far, it was one the best development experiences for me to develop 3d application with javascript and threejs (coming from c++ and tried some unity before). I learned a lot about rendering pipeline, optimisations, shaders etc. thanks to various threejs examples and by diving into source code.

Game requires a bit of hardware since i can’t stop myself adding every cool detail i can make. But i’ll improve optimisation in the future versions.

Here’s some screenshots.

Ship Customisation:

From battle:

More Battle:

Here’s a video with UI disabled, so everything here is threejs


Wow, this is really, really well done!

it is perfectly!!!

It’s awesome !
Just tried with a low-end computer with Opera and I had no trouble playing.
One thing I noticed for UX : I looked for the “play” button rather on the bottom of the screen.