Hiberworld.com - a browser based game engine and social platform

In november 2015 i discovered a basic Three.js project demonstrating that you actually could make VR using javascript and your smartphone. I became obsessed by Three.js and did spend the entire holliday 2015 coding. In January 2016 I took a sabbatical leave to continue working on this. In August 2016 I did quit my dayjob and in spring 2017 me and a friend founded the company Hiber :slight_smile:

Now in the spring 2019 we are about 8 person working on what has become a easy to use, browser based game engine and a social network in one. We have about 30 000 monthly active users. We are right now working on the a new and updated game engine and creation mode. Creation mode is for now only supported on desktop but all games can be player on any platform with a modern browser.

VR are temporarily disabled but will be back again later on this year.

Here’s a short preview of what the games can look like

Try it out at www.hiberworld.com


Thanks for sharing your story! :heart_eyes:


Nice to see some big projects build on three.js :smile: