Dimensional Bug - game jam submission

Hi all,

I participated in the Mini Game Jam 63, that lasted 3 days over the weekend. Here is the game I submitted :


Rules of the jam :

  • Must be done in 3 days
  • Must be made exclusively with this color palette ( meaning no anti-aliasing, no alpha, no lights… )
  • Themed “Future”

Given the limitation with the color palette I chose to give it a wireframe look so one can better understand the shapes displayed. I used Matter.js for the 2D physics, which I strongly recommend because it’s easy to setup.

regrets list :

If I had got more time, I had liked to add some physical objects proper to each dimension. I prepared everything for it, there is 4 physical worlds and the cube is transferred from one to the other. Also I wanted to use this amazing shader by @prisoner849 and @gkjohnson but struggled a bit to implement. The game also need some particles so gravity direction is more obvious, and the level design is a mess near the end where the difficulty ramps up way to fast. I’d like to add touch control for mobile.

PLAY IT HERE ( mouse control only )



This is really fun! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a similar game mechanic. Great work, and good luck on the competition!

I think it’s only possible for people who have also submitted a game to rate.

You are unable to rate this project because you have not submitted your own entry. You can leave a comment below though.

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Thanks again ! Yes I’ve not seen this before either, I think I will work on a post jam version of it.

Yes I didn’t realize that sorry, I’m updating my message


Nice! Love the design! :star_struck:
Hope you continue building on this concept!

Just a quick thing: In the ending screen, the only thing indicating that I finished the game, was that the button said: “replay”. Otherwise I was really confused whether I died or won x)
The ending design kinda reminded me of the Scary Maze game where the walls just kept getting thinner and harder to navigate :smiley:

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Make it for mobile pls (ie. on Play Store and App Store) - it feels almost meant to be played with touch controls. :open_mouth: :heart:


@DolphinIQ yes I think I will continue working on it. I’m curious as to what else you would like to be changed in the new version ?

About the home screen I know it’s aweful, I just didn’t have the time… You must sacrifice so much things in 72h :sweat_smile:

@mjurczyk ok I’m gonna add touch controls in the final version.


I think the concept is pretty awesome and it would be great to just build up on it. Its hard to point out changes for a 72h jam game, which feels like a demo or an early prototype. It also depends on what direction you would want to take, for example for mobile, just good visuals, music and relaxing gameplay is enough, but for desktops it would probably require some sort of emotional story or plot.

I would focus on adding some great music that goes well with the gameplay, as well as upgrading the art, introducing some pretty animations, making each dimension have its own charm, go crazy with shaders :smiley:
I think these things would already make the game really great and enjoyable. Maybe check out http://www.ro.me for interesting effects and inspiration.

As far as gameplay goes, I’d smooth out some places, check comments to see which parts of your game people found most frustrating. For me, getting out of water onto the shore was a bit hard to pull off.

Great potential! Can’t wait to see what you do with it :star_struck:


Oh! ro.me is one of the reasons why I’m with three.js :blush:

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Yeah, its a work of magic :sparkling_heart:

Woh I didn’t know ro.me, that’s impressive !