FlatHeroes remake 🟨

Hi there,

Updating my post to say I completed finaly completed this project, which you can play here :


Flat Heroes is a console/pc minimalist game. Super fun and challenging game, both solo and multiplayer.

I decided I would remake this game as a JS/Three.js a learning project (and also cause my 5yo son is a fan of the game, although he can’t get passed level 3 :stuck_out_tongue:)

Technically… The game’s pretty straight forward. I started off without any physics library, which has seemed ok (so far). “Missiles” are styled with shadermat.

Technical disclaimer : the game is highly unoptimized, meaning tons of unecessary drawcalls. These are mainly caused by my thinking I’d just make a level or two… Thus choosing not to use instancedmesh, resulting in terrible performance on mobile/slow PC.

Hope you like it anyway !

Un(twitter) compressed video here :


Amazing!! Loving the animation. Well, well, done!!


Thanks a lot mate !

Means a lot to me :slight_smile:
Your comment just gave me the momentum and motivation to finish it up and clean the code/publish it on github.

Might work on a multiplayer mode… Could be fun too

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