threejs - simulated arcade game Thralaga.

Play it here:

Lot’s of weird bits and pieces in here… jsfxr for audio… cabinet art by dall-e. ripped sprites from og galaga. bloom, gtao, and some hand rolled crt style +chromatic abberation shaders. slow chatgpt bsp tree implementation for collision. I made this over the last week or so for fun…
Only tested on desktop + 1080gtx…
Post your high scores / let me know what you think! (or any glaring bugs!)


this is awesome!


i completely rekt on the character input, i managed to get ! before hitting something that progressed to the next character and then trying to find a way to go back a character i ended up with !AA!A! :rofl: each progressive step of the name input i got more anxious and anxious about how the usability is meant to function till :hot_face: :face_with_spiral_eyes:

it’s a really neat experience nonetheless, great work!

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Amazing, I think this is worthy of the threejs homepage.


Yaaa score entry is janky… ! I think I’ll switch to left/right select, and up/down to change letter. I was sorta going off memory of how the originals worked, but yeah. Will update that. Thanks for playing! :slight_smile: <3

very nice, and good colors

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Well done. Brought up some old memories…

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Thanks. :slight_smile: Yeah that’s what I was channelling… for me it was RoundTable pizza parlor circa ~1989

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Well done :slight_smile:

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