My personal developer page, which started with an UFO game made with Three.js!

Hello! I’m a game developer who recently got in love with Three.js, so decided to implement my personal website using it!

I know I still have a long way to go in “the way of Three.js”, but I’m proud of my little first project, with all its flaws : ).

So, without further ado, here’s the thing:

Thanks on advance for taking your time browsing my humble web/project! : )


I love the arcade machine view :heart: One issue I’m having on MBP though is a bit very low framerate. :pensive:


I love the style and visuals, but yes, framerate is surprisingly low (it’s on my 7 years old PC with a build-in Intel graphics though).

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Thanks for your comments! Sorry to hear that! I still have to polish things out, just finished it a few days ago and I’m busy with other projects I’m working on, but I’m eager to find time to round those sharp edges. I really appreciate that you took time to take a look at my web : ).

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Awesome sauce!!! :slight_smile:

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