Developer's personal website / portfolio

Hey guys, I’ve built a simple personal landing page with three.js background. This is my first three.js project, I’m still tweaking it and I could use some performance tips :wink:
I would love some feedback so check it out, thanks!


Looks great! Very nice work with everything that happens on scroll. I love what you are doing with transitioning the glowing triangle with the low poly sphere. Two simple elements that you make really great use of! Both look great and are super entertaining!

Also the way you show off pics of your work is really nice. You show only a single image, but the effects you have on that image draw the user in to click and explore the work!

I love the design choices across the board!

If I can contribute two suggestions…

  1. Your text or calls to action scrolls in unison with your background actions. Which can make you miss the calls to action the first time you view your site. On other single page sites like yours I have found it very appealing to hold the text or call to action in place as the user continues to scroll the background elements. Just freeze it in one location so the user has time to see it and know it’s important.

  2. Your opener, about, and work sections rock!! :slight_smile: But you let me down with your contact section. Surely someone as creative as you could do better. If your website was a game, the contact section is the least fun level ha ha… It’s such a great site, I hope you push the contact a bit further. Something fun that really makes you want to use the contact…

Just my two cents :wink:

But really great site!

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Thank you so much for the kind words! Contact section keeps me up at night, it was supposed to be interactive video of me, I just haven’t had time to record and edit it so I used some random loop, I guess you spotted something’s wrong right away :smile:

I don’t like freezing elements, but I will make the text move down slightly as you scroll, that way user has more time to notice it.

Thank you for providing me with such constructive feedback!

I love it. I just showed it to me wife and she said “woooow, cool.” And she’s not easily impressed.

Nice job for a first project.


woooow, superb.

Really cool, it looks really beautful, conveys a lot of personality (especially the ‘want to see my cat?’).

A few friendly tips:

  1. From a usability standpoint, interactive elements could be clearer.

Only on my second scan did I notice that the bottom text was interactive (from cursor: pointer), as it is indentical to the top text (which is not interactive) though that could be because I was scanning and did not pick up the context, it may be something that a usability client would pick up on and may be a problem for a mobile user.

  1. A navigation bar would not go amiss, if a client comes back to your website make it as easy as possible for them to reach your contact form, rather than needing to scroll through the whole experience again to find it.

  2. One of the best parts for me was the image appearing behind the projects on hover, which unfortunately cannot happen on mobile. Perhaps on the first click the image/description appears, then on the second it takes you to the website. Up to you to decide whether it’s worth it or not.

Overall really pleased for you, its a great portfolio page, made even more impressive being a first project! :slight_smile: