Portfolio website

Hi! I‘ve finally programmed my online illustration portfolio http://www.carstenmell.com

I used threejs for the realtime stuff. Hope you enjoy!


This is the coolest and cutest threejs website portfolio I have ever seen.

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Thank you very much! This really made my day!

Soooo cool, and weirdly nostalgic for some reason.
Some micro animations on hover and active interactions would make it even more awesome.


It is truly beautiful and somewhat different from other 3D portfolios.

(As a professional deformation, I have the habit of noticing glitches, if you want, I can share some of my findings here or privately)

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Thank you for the hint - will definitely consider that in the next version…

Oh yes, please share the glitches here. I’m always keen to improve.

OK, here are a few:

  • language – untranslated texts (“follow me on Instagram oder LinkedIn” in [Contact]); wrong capitalizations (“The european commission” in [Disclaimer]); typos (“Cpnflict Moderation” in [Disclaimer])
  • pixel noise – there is pixel noise in the notebook (marked in red in the snapshot) – there are just random pixels that vibrate continuously
  • animation – when I click too often on the sheets in the notebook, at some point the illustrations get mixed (as if some animations get canceled before completion); and if I get crazy at clicking, the illustrations become black (as if they are flipped) – see the video
  • user interface – open the site on smartphone, landscape orientation, go to illustrations, open a few, then turn the phone in portrait mode – the illustrations are now outside the screen and cannot be clicked

Thank you very much! Will work on all these in the next version…

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