First Web Based Experience with THREE.JS (Acid trip with crazy frog)

First time making a project in three.js.
(Use headphones for the full experience)

Hope you enjoy hahah


I was running very low on battery and this somehow crashed my whole system. I spent half an hour fighting MacOS spamming me with login prompts.

It was well worth it! :grin:


Omg, im so sorry haah yea it might be a bit over the top. Im working on a workflow for light baking with blender and better quality detection. I could also just have manual qualify setting.

Happy you enjoyed it, sorry for almost breaking your computer hahaha

Finally have a reason to take a laptop to Burning Man this year. Awesome first effort (not betting it was) but really cruel on compute power.

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Thanks hahah

Yea, i have a pretty beefy desktop PC, so it runs super smooth. On the low setting i can run on it on my macbook air 11" a 40fps. Im going to add a manual selection for quality setting.

I made a javascript class to detect if the user has a dedicate GPU / integrated graphics, but im not scaling based on the actual dedicated GPU.