Website showcase

Here’s a website that I’ve built from the help of all you lovely people it uses three for the background I hope you like it :slight_smile:
Thanks everyone!


I’m afraid the website runs extremely slow on my iMac. Probably 5 FPS :frowning_face:.

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I’m probably going to work on reducing the model size even more to see if that has an impact if not it might be because of the countless animates on the site like fading opacity etc from jQuery hopefully I can fix it, thanks for the reply :slight_smile:
Runs ok on my step up though: windows, chrome - 8gb ram

looks nice. Same problem as @Mugen87, i get about 5-10fps. I have win10, i9, gtx 1080ti if that helps.

I see a fellow unicorn :unicorn: it’s my mascot too

I get a similar performance issue here, i see some toDataURL happening every frame called by a “testa” function, maybe a leftover?


Good spot completely didn’t see that!

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If you clear the cache it shouldn’t be as laggy now :slight_smile: I Hope!

Should be better now if you refresh the cache, hopefully.

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Much better now :+1:

Great! does it still lag though?

No, it seems to run smooth at 60 FPS!


Runs like butter for me now.

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Runs smooth for me too!

Regarding the motion, I feel like the swing back and forth is not that pleasant. Rather than swinging left/right/left/right/left/right, I would make it more interesting like swing right/slight swing right and deep zoom/zoom out to new overview/swing left and deep zoom in and so on. I also wouldn’t swing more than 180 degrees in a single movement (probably not more than 120), except for maybe once as a dramatic statement.

The images also have pretty intense compression artifacts, is that intentional?


Great, and thank you for the feedback.
I’m pretty useless on the three.js front as I’ve only just started learning it maybe in the future when I get more skilled with the lib I can add an update like you have described.
Yeah I need to redo the images I had to compress them because the site lagged horribly so I was doing every I could think of to lower all the file sizes on the site it’s lucky @Fyrestar spotted toDataURL being called every frame that caused the lag, now it’s lag free I can now serve better quality images I need to get round to doing it :slight_smile:

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@Mugen87 @looeee I think @evmikkol comment was meant to be posted as a question instead of in here :slight_smile:

It’s a ready website so I thought to show it to anyone interested. I might still work on the performance later but I also might not.

@evmikkol you might want to create a question post so people can answer your problem about performance not many will see your question in this post

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Oh, okay, sure. I wasn’t exactly sure if I posted this correctly to this showcase thread.