Client work - INVICTUS

I’ve used three.js for my client work and it’s very helpful for me.
In this year, the following site is my favorite one.

Thank you for threejs community.



Looks really nice. I am experiencing a bit of an fps drop during transitions though.


  • Chrome 78
  • Win 10
  • i9
  • gtx 1080
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Thank you for your feedback! I’m trying to be better.

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I’m also getting FPS drops. My graphics card is a 970m, so I would say this is too slow to work on mobile.

Otherwise looks great though.

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Type and size or 3D models?

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It lags on my desktop with Titan X as well after the first 2 slides.

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@looee, @Fyrestar
Thank you for feedbacks! I’m glad to get your responses!

On my mac book pro (Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640), there are lagas too.
I did easy way about many points…

In this case, I used .fbx made by Blender.
Between 3D tools, Alembic is best way for me.

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size of models? if not optimized may be stalling the experience…

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Thank you feedback!

The Box’s textures are about 150KB - 200KB(1024 x 1024). Fbx is about 20kb - 30kb.
In this case, I think that it’better some lazy loading ,manipulating loading timing or inserting loading icon or scne.
It’s not difficult to implement. But I didn’t do so because I spend the time for other effects in the budget. I’m so lazy person, I guess.

Hahaha… yes size should not be issue.
Maybe using gltf loader and changing from fbx to gltf could help. Looks good though.

Thank you,sir!
I really feel using fbx is harder out of the autodesk world.
(Thank your for developing all loaders.)

Lol ! You are welcome!
どういたしまして !


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It seems to display just fine on my old i5 MS Surface, no stuttering.

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Thank you for your feedback!
The Surface is exelent beyond my thought.

I’m looking forwrd to buy Octane X but there is no announcement…