UX designer's homepage

Hey, everybody.
Check out my website made with three.js.

All instruments:

  • jade (pug), sass, coffeescript
  • three.js, tween.js, postprocessing.js, stats.js
  • raphael.js, tone.js, jquery, lodash, cookie.js
  • nanobar.js, clipboard.js, noty.js, shuffle.js, blast.js
  • randomColor.js, gyronorm.js, current-device.js
  • ccsua.js, es6-promise.js

That website is extremely impressive! It took me a while to understand where to click to get to other pages, but due to the impressive presentation my curiosity made me wonder around for a couple of minutes. I also really like how fluent the website runs on my quite old computer :+1:

Only thing I have to point out:

It should probably be “still in development” or “still needs to be implemented”.

Nice work. My only comments…

  • Its a shame it doesn’t work in firefox
  • I kept losing track of the cursor
  • I personally found the glitching effect where the background randomly went from white to black for a second or two disorientating and make me lose the cursor even more
  • It’s not obvious you can click on some of the elements, I know the cursor square gets a bit bigger i feel it come to be improved
  • Other than the red icons, all the others seem to do nothing? It left me a bit confused about what they for

Overall though great work, the animations were clean and the site is impressive :+1: :+1:

Thanks, fixed)

Thanks for your response)

  • Firefox browser support is currently not available due to problems with css filter:blur performance in cross-page transitions and SMIL issues in preloader animation.
  • As for the cursor, I need to think about how to make it more visible.
  • Look at the top right corner and see what you can do with non red icons on the main page =)

This is awesome!
I love that style and visuals of interactions. :+1:

Your GitHub profile is very cool. I’ve never seen that before.


Beautiful work! Love the graphic design and creative technical flair!