The Ode to the 80s

Another demo I created using React + ThreeJS + post-processing GLSL Shaders based on my passion regarding the 80s aesthetics. I hope you guys enjoy it.


Can’t stop watching it.
Really great work.

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Thank you for the kind words! I’m really glad you liked it! :slight_smile:

Very nice :+1:

BTW I’m getting 60fps in Chrome but only around 35fps in Firefox (latest version in Windows).

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Many thanks for the feedback. I use to check my code’s performance on Chrome, Firefox, Opera (all on Linux versions) and some mobile browsers (like Samsung Internet - Chromium based). In despite of the fact that Firefox performance with WebGL is known for being pretty poor when compared to Google Chrome since a long time ago ( as per: 5 years old bug, still open, and of course won’t be solved with Webrender API, which appears to be what they’re focusing on right now ), I thought that this issue affected Linux exclusively, but as you noticed the difference on a Windows version as well, I’ll have to investigate for extra optimization possibilities on my code. Unfortunately I only use Linux on my machines right now, but after your feedback I think it is worth to create a dual boot just to be able to test my scenes and shaders performance over windows versions of my browsers.

One thing I noticed is that handling opacity on DOM elements on Firefox interferes severely on WebGL performance, but I still haven’t found the reason for it. I’ll certainly investigate a little further on that.

Thank you so much for the feedback @looeee I really appreciate your time.

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