😊 Open Source 3D Platformer : Edelweiss

Hi all !

I’m pleased to present you my new game : Edelweiss

Play online here : https://github.com/felixmariotto/Edelweiss

Or here on ItchIO : https://felixmariotto.itch.io/edelweiss

If you are interested in open source games, you should check out my previous game as well.

I’m looking forward to your comments and feedback ! If you make any, please tell me on what device you tried the game :blush:

Edit: Thanks to @makc3d for making a multiplayer mod that I finally merged to the project.
For reference, you can find his for here


Wow, what a fantastic game! I’ve actually played in through in one go and met you at the top of the mountain :blush:

Played it on an iMac 5K on 10.15.3 and latest Chrome. Performance is great and I had not a single crash.

The gameplay remembers me a bit at the climbing passages of Shadows of the Colossus^^. I really enjoyed the graphics and the fine music selection!

I’ve played it with keyboard but I would love to see how the game performs when using a gamepad. Besides, some sound effects for the main character (climbing, jumping etc.) would also provide better feedback. But these are just minor things. Overall, the game is really great!


@Mugen87 thank you for your kind words, this is breathtaking to receive such good review and to see that you went to the top ! I think you are the first person to finish the game in one go (beside me).
How many stamina bars did you have at the end ?
Was there any place were you struggled to go on ?

I loved Shadow of the Colossus, it’s possible that I got a bit influenced by it :blush:

Adding SFX for the player’s movements is high in my todo list ! But I wanted to take the time to do it properly, especially for the synchronization of the footsteps sounds with the running animation.

I think I had six or seven. But your avatar told me there are still some items to pick up^^.

Well, the last bit was really hard^^. Especially figuring out the right path to the top. But overall the balancing and the degree of difficulty is fine.

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Really lovely game, great work! The mechanics are great and the atmosphere is very nice as well, especially with the nice background music which changes when you reach new places.

It got quite challenging at some points and the abilities you earn makes it more and more interesting. I played it on Windows Chrome, having the option to play with gamepad would be great as arrow keys are a bit hard to estimate, though it could stretch the difficulty between keyboard and gamepad users.

I’ve only got a little confused by knowing which is the right way, i’ve seen a piece of climbing rock and did my best to get over there, just to realize it was a deadlock :joy_cat: I also underestimated the double jump a lot, but figuring out things is a nice feel as well, it should be too easy, the nice atmosphere makes it not really possible to get frustrated even if you’re stuck at some spot for a while.

The graphics are well done, the only thing i spotted are little seams here and there making the white background shimmering through. Also the shadows (i suppose CSM?) could benefit from fixing moving by rounding the frustum coordinates, i’m looking into that soon too.

I didn’t got all stamina bars at the end either, i wonder how you get up there every day :smile_cat: Really great work :+1:

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Just reached the top! :slight_smile: It’s both challenging, and fun, great job! Thanks for sharing

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it only works in full screen for me, because space bar scrolls the page down otherwise

when you jump on top of the granny it seems like you are swimming and not standing:

same effect here, but the bars do not blink:
Screen Shot 2020-02-20 at 2.26.29

one annoying thing is that sometimes (most of the times ?) when you face the wall and jump, he does jump in the opposite direction, as if he tries to suicide

ok, I screwed it up, got stuck behind the gnome. Could not jump out because he would reply to me instead :slight_smile:

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@Fyrestar Thanks for playing to the end !
Yes I will make gamepad controls, since people are asking for it. I know arrows are hard to brain-map, especially when you’re climbing and must switch to a wall with another direction. Actually this is a problem related to my choice regarding the camera angle… Let’s say you’re running to the right, and start climbing a wall on the right. Then you expect the right key to make you climb up. But when you’re running forward and start climbing, you expect the up key to make you climb up. So I had to do it like this, remaping the controls depending on the wall direction, even if the feeling is not great… All in all the choice of a fixed camera angle proved interesting aesthetically but was a bad decision regarding the gameplay, so I regret it a bit.
Also I agree that there is a lot of room for improvement regarding the shadows.

@soadzoor Thank you very much for playing to the end and for the kind words, I hope you had a good time.

@makc3d Thank you for your feedback, hopefully jumping on the NPCs is not necessary to play the game.


here is the situation that can use a quicksave:

it seems like you are very likely to not make the jump, and climbing back there from the last gnome is not something you would want to do, yeah?

You’re not supposed to jump from there :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


now how do you do these spoiler things?

// you can now press F to fly
document.addEventListener(`keydown`, function(event) { if(event.keyCode == 70) { if(window.ff) {clearInterval(ff);ff=0;} else ff=setInterval(function(){controler.setSpeedUp(0.4)},100) }})

a ha!

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@Fyrestar nah I actually could jump from there, but I see what you mean, I missed another gnome nearby.

If you really don’t feel like playing the game normally you can also do this :

// get to the end of the game
atlas.player.position.set( 4.5, 188, -159.5 );

Joke aside, what is your machine ? It seems that there was a lot of automatic optimisation done. I’m surprised, from my tests this happened only on mid-tier mobile.


well, flying hack sure does speed things up, but if you fly too high, you fall to your death - sort of fair price to pay for the speed run.

the machine is 11 years old mac.


Wow, just finished the game, fantastic! Had 8 bars, when I finally met you :smiley:
Is there a different ending if you have all of them?

Graphics and music are simply astounding :heart_eyes: Beautiful! The top reminded me a lot of Journey. I wish there was more winds sound effects.

One thing that annoyed me were controls. Some jumps feel clunky, and unexpected. Interaction with some objects is weird, like why am I T-Pose-Sliding on rocks and people? :sweat_smile:

With that said, Im aware that making controls for a 3D platformer must be a nightmare. I applaud you for your courage :bowing_man:

As for difficulty, the game is… harder than expected! It was challenging in a lot of ways. Step-adding skills was awesome, just like most of the puzzles. Had to focus more on thinking, than exact key presses. Very fun!
An exception would be stages towards the end of the game. Once you have lots of stamina, you become a flying god with double-jump :superhero: I thought you could only jump twice (as hinted by name of the skill), so it was quite a surprise when I realized I could defeat lots of obstacles with just mad jumping through them. It turned from cute puzzles to forcing your way through.
Like with any game, with more powers, it clearly became harder to balance. My curiosity led me to test the game’s mechanics quite a lot :smiley:

Aside from that I sometimes found myself not really knowing which way to go. Nothing serious though.
These guys though…

They became the new :fire: Bonfires :fire: for me, true signs of hope, throughout the game :sun_with_face: :star_struck:

Great experience overall, and congratulations on finishing your new game! I hope to see it on the Three.js main page :smiley:


To assert dominance :smiley_cat:

Actually i’ve seen a similar behaviour in another game made by a company and it didn’t appeared negative to me, rather even helpful showing you’re not supposed to jump on it, as i first thought i would have to jump into the cart.

I think this would be a very good addition, i personally feel like there are a bit too many portfolios/demos/experiences instead full games or apps.

@felixmariotto what i also liked is when the granny was telling a bit of a story at some point, i think this could make it more interesting if she was telling more like that in addition to the abilities you earn, wrapping some kind of story around it :cat:


I definitely agree, although I guess there are just that many more portfolios than three.js games. Hopefully we will also see a link to Usnul’s game.

I think the music would carry a bigger emotional weight if there was a story behind it.


I didn’t manage to get second Stamina flower, feels kinda frustrating, no way you could climb up that hill without cheating

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