Light on Win and Mac


I test my site on Windows laptop and different MacPro. different result is very different. I attached screenshot for comparison.

Same problem on example page

I can resolve this problem if set intesity of new THREE.SpotLight to “0.2”, but it’s little for win version. And i can’t detect on what computers it will need

can you help me?

Can you please share two screenshots that demonstrate the variance for the mentioned example? I mean

ok. I will try it later. my friend with macbook gone (

the first, and the second from Win. Others from Mac.

There seems to be something wrong on the Mac screenshots since the intensity of the light is too high. On my iMac, I have the same result like the first two screenshots (from Windows).

Are you able to upgrade the OS version of the MacPro? Could be a GPU driver bug. Also ensure to use the latest browsers.