Huge Chrome Performance Issue on Intel Macs

I have created a three based web application for showcasing 3d tiles. You can find the showcase following this link: Karak

How it works: an OBJ file is loaded and cloned multiple times using InstancedMesh to create a wall of tiles. Next one point- and one spotlight are added to the scene. The light’s positions react on the current mouse position. The scene is rerendered on mousemove.

Rendering works super smooth in all browsers on M1 based Macs and on all browsers excpet Chrome on Intel based Macs. Using Chrome version 98 on an Intel based Macs the computer is under heavy workload, fans go up, framerate drops and in worst case scenarios the app crashes.

Here is a Pen for showcasing the issue in an isolated environment:

Is there something wrong on the implementation side of my app? Is this a known issue? Any ideas on how to overcome this Chrome issue?

Is this a known issue


i would not worry, these machines are broken, they crumble under webgl. i went through the last 3 variants and they all did this. there is no fix and nothing you can do. apple doesn’t even allow you to detect them properly otherwise you could use detect-gpu to get a performance tier. the problem will solve itself, the intel macbooks still around are either burning already or will go up in flames soon.

ps, chrome perf tab profile looks ok, threejs devtools show over half a million triangles, that’s a little odd for just a few tiles.