Safari and discrete GPU

Hello everyone.
I’m posting this question following this discussion: apparently safari does not allow the use of hardware acceleration with WebGL and so my 3js enabled website (link: doesn’t render on safari when the nvidia chip is running on my macbook, yet it works with the integrated intel graphics. And up to this point everything behaves as expected (even though it is not the best possible behaviour).

The funny thing is that many other websites using WebGL seems to work with no problem even when hardware accelerated graphics are enabled. So my question is: why is my particular website not working?

thank you all for the help.

localhost:8888. What should we see on that address?

Damn you’re right, I pasted the local version! Edited first post

Honesty don’t know what happened here, but I rewrote the code starting from the OBJloader example and slowly substitute the example code with my own and now it works… go figure.

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