Three.js examples stop working with Safari/Google on my iMac

Since a little while, all example are not loading on my Safari or Google web browser (blank page with no error, even with the debugger loaded) on my iMac with latest OSX software.

Any clue?

I guess you’ve performed a system change in the near past that causes this issue. Maybe an OS X upgrade?

Besides, do you have problems with non-three.js WebGL applications, too? Do you see a result here?

BTW: When you report problems like this, you should always note the version number and type of browsers and OS. The type of GPU is also useful.

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What WebGL application should I try?
My Mac Book Pro have the same OS/Web browser and upgrades and it’s doing well (I do perform upgrades at the same time on both machines).

OSX 10.13.2
Safari 11.0.2
Chrome 63.0.3239
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX 2Go
All softwares are up to date

For example: or

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First one gave this result (with choppy sound):
The second one only do a blank white page, with the debugger disabled (can’t activate it).

Then it is not a three.js related issue. Looks like a general WebGL problem which is probably caused by a bad graphics driver.

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OK, where is the best place to search help for this kind of issue?

Um, maybe you could contact the Apple support? AFAIK, graphics driver on OS X are always updated within system updates.

OK, found out more thing. WebGL seems to be ok. First example - animation / cloth’ is working on Safari. But if I select the next one ‘animation / scene’, it’s a blank page with only the FPS (running 60) value and some text at the top. Same with all other animation. ‘camera’ is working.


You might want to run the WebGL Conformance Tests and report the result here.

The tests might take some time (20-30min).

Here the Results: Passed 51327/52795 (97.22%) Failed 1456/52795 (2.76%) Timeout 12/52795 (0.02%)

I’ve runed 1.0.4 (beta) test.
But what can I do?

Sounds like the graphic drivers for OSX 10.13 are buggy. What is the exact iMac model you are using?

iMac 27" (Late 2012), NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX 2 Go

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