WebGL: supported browsers and troubleshooting

We wrote an engine-agnostic troubleshooting guide on how to enable WebGL if it does not work. Check it out: https://www.soft8soft.com/webgl-supported-browsers-and-troubleshooting/

Get rid of IE11 and similar crap.

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A lot integrated graphics aren’t able to render WebGL properly, they will crash or run at about 1-10 FPS. I’ve analyzed a really not performance demanding app with minimal scenery and no post-effects, and about 60% of machines without dedicated graphics were running with low FPS or crash, those machines i was able to test manually also struggle at basic WebGL examples with a single cube.

This specifically applies to notebooks with optimus, this will disable hardware acceleration, it needs to be disabled manually in the graphics settings what most regular users don’t know.

I coun’t receive information about how old the machine is of course, but most of those we heard about were about 5 years, it mostly applies to classic cheap office machines though. Basically every smartphone of today has a graphics card and WebGL runs smoothly on a cheap phone already.

For updating drivers: of course this is a general advice anyone should follow, but the regular non-IT users rather won’t or don’t have a glue what’s the reason even. If you buy a game then you will investigate more than when visiting a website and some app can’t display. So the only thing one can do is to either try to make performance adaptions, fallback solutions or as i mentioned in a thread about it once, stream the app remotely if WebGL can’t run properly on the device.

At least from my measures it’s a minority with such machines (6%) and it depends on the target group or how low the lowest end device needs to be.


The only exception, however, is Chrome for iOS, which is restricted to having the same set of features as the iOS’ default Safari. So it does not make much sense to install it on iOS.

@YuriKovelenov So Chrome on iOS is just a UI layer on top of Safari? Did I read this right?

yep, mobile browsers on iOS must be based on WKWebView https://developer.apple.com/documentation/webkit/wkwebview