Completely Crashing iOS (shuts off phone!) and runs like poo on MacOS

Hey all working on an MMO, made some serious desktop progress and when I checked on mobile, my entire phone crashes! Checked on my MacBook Pro and it runs like hell in Safari and crashes. It won’t last long enough to get any debug data.

I’m doing some pretty crazy stuff like setting camera.z position to: 5000000 in some cases.

Anyone run into this kinda thing before?

Login here:

username: demoman

password: demoman

I can run in in Safari although I have no idea how to actually do anything in the game. The buttons don’t seem to do anything. Still, safari warns about high memory usage so you might have a memory leak or using memory inefficiently.

What I can say is that you have in a way too much 4K or just very big textures which are painful for every browser, especially for Safari which doesn’t like any texture above 2048 (as far as I know).
The screenshot is made from Chrome, which also crashes from your app at my laptop.

Blast; ok I’ll look at reducing sizes…

Ahhhh okay – I was using PlaneGeometry but switched everything to sprite, which doesn’t explicitly set the size which I had locked to 1024.

Sprite size is loading the full thing in now and crashing, guess I’ll try updating textures but maaaaaan it’ll mess my game up :confused:

Changed all to 1024x1024, warnings are gone, no improvement – and I had this running 75fps last week :confused:

NVM had to clear my image CDN – things are running again on mobile thanks guys.

Chrome mobile is not refreshing the assets but safari is running like a boss.

It’s pretty again – thanks all working great on iOS – 60 fps.

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