What are the factors can cause the Performance difference in windows and mac

I am doing a project using threejs. It is working nice in windows and android too but not in mac. What are the parameters needs to check for mac. If any one knows, please help me on this.

Well, it probably depends on the devices you have on mind, whether you are testing comparable hardware - and what your app does in terms of CPU and GPU load.

First - Mac / iOS uses higher pixel density (WebGLRenderer.setPixelRatio.) Using renderer.setPixelRatio(window.devicePixelRatio) without care can decrease performance quite a bit, since it scales up the render resolution.

Second - take into consideration that Macs (both portable and low-end iMacs) sometimes use Intel Iris Plus Graphics - which is an integrated GPU. Integrated GPUs aren’t exactly known for their outstanding horsepower.


Wow. You are right @mjurczyk . Now it is working good in mac. But now I am facing another one issue in ios device. In my project I am using Some textures. None of them is loaded. I am getting the warning as “Ext_frag_depth extension not supported” and “Webgl_draw_buffer extension not supported” . Any Solution to this.