Has anyone seen a glitch like this before?

Happens for a single frame while some textures are being loaded in the background. Seems to affect the transparent canvas as you can see the background & some overlaid UI. All 3D objects on screen disappear, so it looks like it’s replacing the entire canvas contents.

I don’t really know where to begin with this. To me it looks as if some memory is getting overwritten & corrupting the drawing buffer, but is something like that even possible?

Sadly my client doesn’t share my taste in glitch art so I need to figure out what’s causing it

that’s one hell of a glitch, if you ever figure out how that comes about, consider publishing it as a stand alone. :smiley: but sadly, i’ve never seen anything similar pop up like that before. i wish.

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Do you maybe write to an uninitialized variable in the shader?

Try to upgrade the GPU driver and also use the latest browser version.

Good idea, but not that I can see

This is the annoying thing - it’s running on a digital signage system that I have no control over.

I realise it’s a really tricky thing to debug - especially without seeing any code. I was hoping maybe someone had seen something similar that might help me diagnose the issue

Thanks for your suggestions though!