Graphics card problem or a code problem or something else?

Hello so In chrome and any other browser I check I keep getting
THREE.WebGLRenderer: Context Lost.

I assume this is a graphic cards issue?
also in chrome I get this error:
THREE.WebGLProgram: shader error: 0 35715 false gl.getProgramInfoLog THREE.WebGLShader: gl.getShaderInfoLog() vertex

can someone confirm this is my graphics card and not a coding problem please?


(the project is not finished or optimised!)

Thank you in advance.

I’ve found that the project works in chrome only if I emulate mobile or tablet using dev tools if I don’t do this the webgl fails:

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I also get the same issue but still have no idea tho…
Waiting for any confirm or solution…

Might be because you’re out of memory ? You can open Chrome task manager to see how much memory is used by the different pages.
If it’s this, it might be due to a memory leak, or models and/or textures too large, or maybe you are cloning large buffers…

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I’m at a loss because when I use my cheaper/weaker laptop it runs fine but on my better laptop with 8gb ram it doesn’t also what I have found werid is that if I use chrome and emulate mobile in dev tools the webgl then comes on and works however it doesn’t if I don’t do that…