Vanilla webgpu issue for performance test

I’ve been trying to help get to the bottom of a resource issue with Webgpu in three. The cpu issue was fixed but it then turned into 30% gpu resource issues. I thought I would try and pull apart what three is doing to see if I need to report an issue with Chrome. I seem to be having an issue before it tries to render complaining about the vertex. Its a c style compile error where it doesn’t really explain the problem.

Vertex attribute slot 2 used in ([ShaderModule "vertex"], entryPoint: main) is not present in the VertexState.

I’m hoping somebody can figure it out so I can confirm there is a problem in Chrome or see where the problem is in three. Three also has a WebGL video texture performance problem where vanilla webgl isn’t a problem after a Chrome fix.

The working vanilla code with low resources

Three with the problem