THREE.WebGLRenderer: Context Lost. under chromium 94

hello ,

everything work well under firefox , edge , chrome , chromium 89 and 97 .

but under chromium 94 i have discovered this type of error message

WebGL: CONTEXT_LOST_WEBGL: loseContext: context lost
three.js:19050 THREE.WebGLRenderer: Context Lost.

so i would like to know
i) if it is something i have to manage in the code ,
ii) or if it is a bug of chromium 94 => and i have nothing to do , nothing to manage to prevent from this error .

thank .

Can you please try it with Chrome 95 or Chrome Canary? Does the context loss happen there as well?

under linux chrome 95 work very well , like chrome 93 .

under virtual windows chrome 95 and chrome canary there is no error message , no problem .

If the issue is resolved with newer browser versions, I don’t think it makes sense to invest more time in investigating.

hello ,

i have found why chromium freeze with message CONTEXT_LOST_WEBGL .

i ve just get the idea to check chrome://flags in chrome google and chromium to look after a difference about webgl or vulkan and the difference i have found is :
chrome google : vulkan = default ( no problem with chrome google)
chromium : vulkan = enable . ( problem with chromium)

so i have set vulkan to default in chromium and now everything is ok . no more problem with chromium

oh I do manage this in code, and here is how:

renderer.domElement.addEventListener( 'webglcontextlost', function() {
} );

(since this normally is supposed to happen when they return to the webpage from some other task, they will just see the page load again as if it was unloaded, no big deal)

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i ve just tried this solution (with vulkan = enabled ) and it isn’t a good solution , when issue come , the page is reloaded and freeze at start before the loading of glb . The good solution was to set vulkan to default in chromium . And i ve just check another thing … looking set of chromium in a new os installed in virtual machine and by default chromium vulkan is set to default . so probably it is my fault , i have , several month ago before i discovered the problem , changed some setting in chromium to test , and didn’t remember it . this evening i was reading an article about webgl vs webgpu ( after i ve read thead of puxio [Will Three.js continue to thrive in the WebGPU era?] and a light come in my head …