Very weird glitch/possibly a bug

Hey guys I found a very weird glitch (at least I suspect it’s a glitch)

I made my particles with a texture map that has transparent information around it. and when I’ve got another GTFL file as the background the particles seem to have that transparent edge around them. making the particles perfect circles.

but when I go “outside” and on the default black background is showing there’s clearly black squares around the particles!

what’s going on here and how could I fix that?

Try setting depthWrite to false for the particle’s material.

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And I would add alphaTest: 0.5 for the particle’s material.

I did just a very simple fix, I just use black planes as a backdrop. That way it works.

I tried the other methods suggested as well but they didn’t work.

I’ve illustrated my point in this screenshot. I genuinely think this is a bug, or not working as expected.

I’ve re-evaluated the situation, I think actually the further away particles won’t render when there’s a particle in front of it.

cause if you look at that image, some of those particles are showing through. but the furthest away ones aren’t showing, that’s why it looks like they have black squares around them!

oh wow mugen87, I just tried depthWrite again, and it worked!, I must have written it wrong the first time!

Thank you for that!

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