Graphics Software Engineer - Custom Home Design Software Startup


I’m looking for a seasoned Graphics Engineer to develop a 3D rendering engine that runs in-browser.

We’re a stealth-mode VC-funded startup, and have built a software application that takes users preferences property and lifestyle into account in order to develop a completely unique blueprint and design for their home. The software renders that home in 3D (we’ve architected this with WebGL and Three.js) and allows the user to navigate and explore their home in 1st person as well.

We’re not graphics people so the quality of work is good, but not great. We need a rockstar Three.js engineer to join our team and really help bring these 3D renderings to life. Since this is how new customers will experience their dream home - this role is critical to our success as a company!

We’ve got some serious industry-backing - the CPO @ Adobe is one of our key investors, and the designer of Google’s Nest system is our startup advisor. Multiple members of the founding team are Autodesk alumni as well.

We’re a remote-first company and are happy to work with any engineers anywhere in the US! Currently able to transfer (not sponsor) H1B visas, and can work with Canadian/Mexican citizens as well - you can easily obtain a TN visa for US work authorization.

Reply here with your email if interested! You can also reach out directly - all candidates go through our contract recruiter Nick Dean (