Looking for Three.Js developer - online 3D design configurator

I am looking for a dev to help on an existing project re an online 3D furniture configurator.

The goal is to have an MVP which is nice and cool to see and use, besides just working ofc. Given that we operate in the design industry, aesthetics and quality is very important for us.
Besides, we are exploring something very new and experimental design wise … the online configurator will have to match this and be ready to stretch some boundaries :slight_smile:

We are at a mid-stage now; a dev is already working on our backend and functionality features, UX/UI side of this: our main blocker is 1) having a WOW factor and 2) the rendering quality of the online configurator, hence we need help with shaders, textures, and lighting etc.

It may be a plus or a minus for someone, but this means working on existing code and with a team, currently a js developer, UX/UI designer, 3D Rhino/ Grasshopper specialist, Furniture designer, web designer.

We are currently located in Milano, Italy and very open for remote collaborations too. Our interest is to establish long term relationships on this project with continuous development and go to market.

I would love to discuss and explain more via email or PMs etc.



Hi Tommi,

It would be great to catch up and show you our 3D furniture configurator that has the Wow factor! We have an end-to-end CMS for managing it also!

When works for a demo?

Kind regards

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Hi Tommi
I can help for your all requirements.
You can reach me on Skype: live:austin_3383 or Email: austin@cisinlabs.com so that we can discuss this further.

Thank you Austin, I will catch up now:slight_smile:

Hi Rupert,

I will get in touch via e-mail … I am 100% sure your configurator is amazing, and I am 99% sure it will not work, as it is, with what we are creating.

To give you a short insight, our online configurator today is part of an automated process: furniture design and 3D models > web > online configurator > purchase/order > talking directly with manufacturing machine (basic .json file and .dxf) with no human interaction > production process (human just check and QC) > order fulfillment

All the steps are seamlessly integrated together today. Hence, I explored already but I am pretty confident we need something “ad hoc” for us rathern thatn a solution on the market. I will be happy to discuss more and check if we can turn your expertise and product to our needs.

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Hi Tommi,

I have sent you a PM. please check

can you please share your official email address.so we can get in touch.
Email: austin@cisinlabs.com