Tips on how to reproduce a certain light effect

Hello everyone! I hope this is not off topic for this forum, but I’m looking for some tips on how to get close to the following light effect:


I’m pretty new to threejs but I’ve been enjoying it a lot and I’m making a lot of progress pretty fast, so So far I’ve managed to accomplish the cube inside a cube effect quite well, but it is by far not close to this final effect yet. I’m missing the soft lightning on one side (I’ve been playing with spotlights) but mostly I can’t figure out how to make the edges of the cube respond to lightning and how to give it this more nuanced texture. I’m mostly looking for some pointers so I can at least know what keywords to use on my google searches.

Thanks in advance!

Will this cube rotate and be seen at the different angles, and will the illumination change or is it a fixed rendering?

It might rotate, but I’m planning to keep the same isometric camera angle at all times. The idea I have at the moment is to make the scene scrollable but with a fixed camera, if that makes sense. So you could go down and see a chain of cubes until its end, and then scroll back up.

what you’re looking for is called a strip light. for that you need a blend or at least a chamfer, a rounded edge. you need this to pick up light and create … a strip. if you just have a cube the edges won’t do that. three examples jsm has a rounded box or cube, if you use that with an ever so slight edge radius you’ll see the edges light up.

it is also better to light stuff using an environment instead of lights. runtime lights are harsh and hard to set. read through this

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Thanks @drcmda! That’s exactly the kind of resource I was looking for.