How to improve the effect of external luminescence?

According to the example to achieve the object edge light, but I found that not every edge light, this looks very strange, how can I make every edge of the model light?

I guess you are referring to: three.js webgl - postprocessing - sobel (edge detection)

Sobel edge detection only works if an edge is actually visible (meaning there is a change in intensity). This is not true for the center edges of your cube.

Consider to setup the lights in your scene differently so the shading actually shows the contour of your objects. Also do not use unlit materials (like MeshBasicMaterial).

May I ask where I can find these effects? Is there any similar API document? I did not find relevant information when I read the document。 Creating a scene – three.js docs (

I just had a look at it and it looks nice, but unlike what I was looking for, the edges of the model glow when I hover over it, kind of a bounding box for the model.