Emissive glowing effect on custom model

I achieved this kind of shader on my model in blender using mix shader and emission. But unfortunately we cannot export the shader node info to fbx/gltf or any other file format. How do I achieve similar effect in Threejs. Is this possible only using a custom shader? If so can I have some similar example. I don’t know shader programming using GLSL.

Here sheen: three.js webgl - GLTFloader + Sheen

Tried it, but couldn’t achieve that glowy effect on the edges.

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You may also try a contre-jour style of lighting:




there’s also the possibility of using matcaps in this scenario…

(forked from @PavelBoytchev’s example above replacing MeshPhysicalMaterial with MeshMatcapMaterial)

you can see the matcap example for more details…

and a lovely repo of matcaps


Thanks guys, you people are amazing. Can anyone tell me how to figure out differences between shaders and lighting or post processing. How would I know which one will give me the required results? Which one to be used and when?

I have no answer to this. Some people call it experience, other call it coincidence. For example, the exact lighting in my demo code was a result of some trials and errors, and this approach is often unpredictable.


Hmm I see… Thankyou @PavelBoytchev