Threejs shows solid black material on Tablet

Hi there,
we developed a 3D product configurator for Desktop and we want to use it on Tablets too.
When we load the web page on the tablet, the product shows a solid black material and the web inspector reports " WEBGL_depth_texture extension not supported"
We know that a few people have already had that issue but we cannot find a proper hint and solution on the Internet.

We also read that someone solved the problem by changing the WebGLRenderer to canvas or by changing the MeshStandard material to other simpler shaders.
We are wondering if there is another practical solution that does not oblige us to change most of the code that we’ve already done thus far.

Thanks a lot for your help!!


This extensions is not used by default by built-in materials. So please share your code as a live example that demonstrates the issue. This will make it easier to find out if this warning is related to the black material.