WEBGL_depth_texture extension not supported, cause render issus

I got two mobile phone, one display everything OK, even the EXT_shader_texture_lod extension not supported.
another could not display texture, see below


this one has three extension not supported:
WEBGL_depth_texture extension not supported.
OES_texture_float_linear extension not supported.
EXT_shader_texture_lod extension not supported.

So I guess the WEBGL_depth_texture extension is the key point.

So I would like to know which part three.js use this extension, how can I disable it ? so I can make my game run in this old device

I don’t think the missing extensions cause the rendering issue. What material are you using?

You said one smartphone produces a black output. What GPU does it have?

The original material is MeshPhongMaterial, after I changed to MeshLembertMaterial, the texture shows, object rendered fine, except some little light reflection effect difference. So maybe the phong material is using the extension

In this case, I guess it should also work if you are using MeshPhongMaterial and set material.precision to mediump. Can you please check this setup?

The phone was borrowed, I will try if I get the phone again and let you know

I suspect a hardware problem. Details here: