It has been a long time in the making, and as imperfect and broken as it is in many ways, We are thrilled to announce not only the launch of OZONE UNIVERSE : the world’s first fully integrated virtual world powered by THREE.JS ,

but also that the first public experience we will be featuring will be METABURN

Our motto “COME TOGETHER” reflects our intention to enable a new sense of presence and community in the web, and we are over thrilled to have been part of this journey since 2015!

Thank you to All moderators, Authors, contributors, and Artists Truly, from around the world.

Today is day 1.

We bring you OZONE UNIVERSE, a virtual campus solution where you can collaborate and come together in a new way.

It would be our honor to host and enable this community to manifest… how…? let’s all come together INSIDE THREE.JS!

Meetup in September? After the Metaburn? XD


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Both of your links just take me to a login page with no explanation of what I’m signing up for (besides your comment here). You’ll probably get better engagement if you make landing pages for these sites which explain what they are about and why I would want to sign up.

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Yeah. This is a community preview official launch is in a few weeks.
I let you know when landing page is live and finalized. You are right.

Ah, you mean signup is required to see the preview?

Is there any 3d, webgl or three.js related content available to be seen on one of these pages at this very moment?

Yes, if you create an account there’s a Second Life style 3d world you can move around in.


Yes! Though, I must insist on correcting “second Life Style”.
This is Metaverse engine built exclusively with three.js and the awesomeness that will take the entire web way beyond Second Life. This particular world is a Recognized Universe of the Burning Man Multiverse.

Looking forward to empower many communities in their own virtual world powered by three. :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

Sorry, I’m not that familiar with Second life or the concept of a metaverse. What’s the difference, in terms of actual functionality?

I like this, obviously it seems like a good replacement to zoom and discord. With this it’s less awkward to have a conversation because you are in a 3D enviorment.

Also just curious how do you manage a large amount of objects, I’m working on some concepts for large world systems and would love to know how other people do it since my current methods aren’t working out very well some with extra computation, some having major issues with large objects

Probaly a misconfigured browser issue, but i’m getting framerates of like 10fps. Besides that, just wanna say that this is one of the most unique and intresting uses of threejs I’ve ever seen