Building a Three.JS IDE/Game Dev Tool for Virtual Worlds

Hi - I am building a Three.JS IDE for Virtual Worlds as Websites called Muse.
You can check out what we currently have at

Right now, we have mainly abstracted environment building and are now working on power and functionality.

Was curious if there were any fellow three.js devs out there that would be interested in sharing pain points they have during when building three.js websites. If so, would love to have a quick chat and learn about your pain points so we can work it into the product build. You can send me a pm or comment

Thanks in advance!

It appears to be interesting project. I walked for a while in the entry area, but that was all I could do without signing up.

The field of view was rather large and it made unusual distortions (while on a laptop).

Here are my (unsorted) pain points:

  • Finding the best balance between graphics quality and performance
  • Provide adequate 3D experience to users with less performant hardware
  • Saving users’ resources, e.g. battery power for mobile users
  • Compatibility for different GPUs and appropriate fallbacks
  • Keeping up with emerging XR developments and functionalities
  • Interoperability with other systems, e.g. models, shaders, animations,…