Muse - first person 3D website builder & CLI

Hey everyone!

Wanted to share this project that I’ve been working on for a few months now. Muse is a 3D world builder that takes place entirely in 3D.
If you signup with Mort and go to the builder table you’ll see the option to go build your world!

The cool part is that the ideas for the worlds are just react-three-fiber components where you can expose props to edit. I’m working on a CLI that will eventually let you upload your own ideas to be moved around and edited with our builder tools. Let me know if you’re interested and I can send you an email when it comes out.

Also, here is a larger scale example of a world I made for some music producer friends: Lucid Monday | Spaces Gallery


This is a really cool idea and nicely executed, sadly I couldn’t get the builder to work, once I made an account and world I was put in a black void and pressing space didn’t give me any options, so not entirely sure if i did something wrong :S

I really like the character dialogue tutorial and the shopping cart functionality, it was an engaging way to interact with the website.

I think some usability additions could be made to help afford interactions, for example: objects could glow on hover when they are interactable (i.e links) as it was a little unclear for me what was interactable or not. The spacial audio was a nice touch too but sometimes they overlapped which was a little distracting.

Excited to see more :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the feedback! I I spotted a bug in the build process, your site should be ready now :slight_smile:

Definitely agree on the usability front. I’m just coming out of finishing the backend build process (as you can see some final bugs are left) but after I’ll be able to iterate much quicker on adding and improving ideas.

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hey btw fixed your world - turns out publishing before making any changes breaks your world lol

going to push a fix for that tonight, but in the meantime your world is back up and running for you to edit: Muse

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