dverso - a web-based metaverse

We are a small team of 3 (i’m the developer) and we are developing this crazy baby with vue and threejs

It’s a web3 social hub-game that we want to transform in a small metaverse as time goes by.

We have been working at this project full time since march 2022 and we finally opened the Open Alpha on January 23rd!

We have a shooter and a JRPG (updating it to let it be a big thing in this moment) right now, all feedbacks are appreciated and welcome and if you have questions Ask Us Anything!

The whole project is made with ecs to help build a modular system that can be upgraded by users.
our goal is to let skilled people build their own games on top of that infrastructure
Also we developed a full no code “node” system to let potato users create their own characters or minigames without knowing how to code.

We have nfts syncronization to let people use their own skin or items inside the games, each game is free to interpret each item as it wish, like the jrpg will use pizzas to heal.

some screenshots of the experience following (taken from our users)


Wow! This is so cool :upside_down_face:

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Awesome work, love the anime style :star_struck:

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Thaaaanks, we worked a lot to let it really shine :heart::heart::heart::cherry_blossom:

Thanks :heart::heart::rocket:

We updated the parkour map with a leaderboard, there’s a time attack mode and the first 3 people will win prizes in this week <3

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I tried this app the other day. Works fine on my smartphone. That’s great technology!
I also feel your strong commitment to graphics.

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