New Tool To Create Virtual Spaces On The Web -

Hello everyone! We’ve been working on something we’re pretty excited about - it’s called Pluno. Imagine being able to build your own little corner of the internet, a space that’s truly yours, right from your browser.

We’ve leveraged the power of Three.Js and some seriously smart optimization methods to make this all possible and ensure it runs on almost any device.

With Pluno, we’re aiming to make the creation of virtual spaces a whole lot more accessible. You’ll have all sorts of tools at your fingertips, like:

  • Modules (think of them as your virtual building blocks)

  • Asset handling (just drag and drop your 2D, 3D, or video files, we support a wide range of file types)

  • Flexible Materials To Play Around With

  • Custom lighting options (set the mood as you see fit)
  • Skybox customisation
  • And a whole lot more coming soon :wink:

The way we interact with the web is changing, and 3D is definitely where it’s heading. Thanks to advances in technologies like WebGPU and the amazing work of Three.Js, we’re all going to be able to join in on the fun - and yes, we’re making sure Pluno works on desktop, tablet, and mobile so you can share the experience with everyone else.

Yes Pluno will be free and the Beta version is launching soon, if you’d like a sneak peek - head over to and signup! We’d really love to hear your feedback and opinions as to what to improve or direction to take, the more the merrier!

Thank you for taking the time to read this up until here, look forward to hearing what your thoughts are!



The snapshots and the video look amazing. I hope that it will really be a nice experience for your users. Is there a test account that does not require a sign-up?

The [Drag and click to orbit] button → I was not able to orbit the scene.


Do you plan to add documentation, as currently the [Documentation] link at the bottom just points to the same page?

Hey @PavelBoytchev! Thanks for the kind words and feedback really appreciate it!

The Drag & Click To Orbit applies to the actual model itself, you can orbit around the model to see the details or use the icon to change into first person perspective - thanks for flagging this, must’ve caused some confusion for a lot of people so i’ll update that :person_raising_hand:

We’re planning to put a preview experience on the landing page soon so you can play around with the environments without having to create an account.

The Documentation is ready to be linked soon! Everything is just getting finalised so stay tuned :wink:

If you register for our updates via we’ll keep you up to date for sure!

Just updated the landing page! Hope this makes things clearer - thanks again :smiley: