spacesvr - A standardized reality for the future of the 3D Web

Hey everyone! I’ve been working on spacesvr for 3 years now and realized I never made a post here lol.

github: GitHub - musehq/spacesvr: A standardized reality for the future of the 3D Web.

spacesvr was made to provide structure for the end visitor experience of 3D worlds. By pushing one common control scheme, adoption will come just as it has with 2D websites. It’s made to fully remove the stress of accessibility, letting you focus on the storytelling.

Out of the box, you get

  • Loading screen + Pause menu, the only HTML-based ux
  • A physics based Player
  • Built on react-three-fiber
  • Mobile / desktop / vr support
  • Tool system, comes with a Camera
  • Multiplayer w/ voice chat
  • Ready to use UX components for quick UX iteration: Text Input, Button, Switch

Below is the bare minimum code to get up and running. You can start adding all your r3f components under the StandardReality.

import { StandardReality, LostWorld } from "spacesvr";

function World() {
  return (
      <LostWorld /> // an example world with a floor, skybox, and fog

Here’s a world from the spacesvr examples that just has a lot of random items thrown into it:

I’m currently working on a visual editor called Muse that is built fully on spacesvr. It’s Webflow for 3D worlds. Next month we will let you code custom components realtime in the first person editor, making for a fully immersed IDE. Here are some sites that came from our tools:

Would love to hear your thoughts on the framework or on Muse, and feel free to join our discord if you want to meet other builders!

Interesting work.

Standardization is good to support consistency, but sometimes it might go against creativity. I hope your spacesvr allows the users to go out of the box.

The biggest blocker for businesses to invest into these experiences is accessibility. Standardizing the most critical failure points has allowed our team to make incremental progress here, as seen below in the % of visitors that load, continue, and walk at least 2 meters across all sites on the Muse platform.

spacesvr can leverage this same security when pitching to clients while still allowing for plenty of customization. To be clear, this is a framework for 3D Worlds (same bucket as Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite) rather than all 3D websites, which is a much broader category.

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